A1200 Version
Zorro II Version

The catweasel Mk II is available in two versions, one designed to connect to the A1200's clock port and the other is a half length Zorro II card. This card allows the addition of up to 2 floppy drives and 6 IDE devices. It can use cheap PC floppy drives, both 3.5" and 5.25" in any combination as well as other formats. This card is basically a combination of the Catweasel and the Buddha IDE controller. You cannot however boot from the floppy drives. The controller also contains sophisticated algorithms to help read failing, sensitive or corrupted disks. Reading PC formatted disks is 2.15 times faster than using a native drive, and Amiga formatted disks are 1.3 times faster. The device also supports the use of floppy controller based tape drives, with a thru-put of up to 2MB/sec. It does not support DMA, but contains a local expansion port for adding additional expansions.

Supported File Systems

PlatformFile Systems
OFS International
FFS International
Apple IIeDOS 3.3 (and newer)
Apple MacintoshHFS
Atari 800XLAtari 800XL formatted.

Supported Disk Types

PlatformDisk Type
Amiga3.5" DS, 880K
3.5" DS, 1.76MB
5.25" DS, 880K
5.25" DS, 1.76MB
Apple IIe5.25" ?
Apple Macintosh3.5" SS, 400K
3.5" DS, 720K
3.5" DS, 800K
3.5" DS, 1.44MB
Atari 800XL5.25" ?
Atari ST3.5" DS, 720K
3.5" DS, 800K
3.5" DS, 1.44MB
C64(CBM 1541) 5.25" SS, 170K
(CBM 1571) 5.25" SS, 170K
(CBM 1571) 5.25" DS, 341K
(CBM 1581) 3.5" DS, 800K
Catweasel Extra3.5" DS, 1.16MB
3.5" DS, 2.38MB
Nintendo Backup Station1.6MB
PC3.5" DS, 720K
3.5" DS, 1.44MB
5.25" DS, 360K
5.25" DS, 720K
5.25" DS, 800K
5.25" DS, 1.2MB

SS = Single Sided
DS = Double Sided

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