Emulates: PC
Processor: Intel 486slc@25Mhz, Intel 486slc@50Mhz (SCL II), optional 387/487 FPU
RAM: 2MB (expandable to 16MB via 30pin SIMMs)
Graphics Emulation: CGA
VGA Mono
Note: at least 21 other modes supported
(can use real ISA graphics cards)
Sound Emulation: Real PC Speaker (can use real ISA sound cards)

A full length card which plugs into both a Zorro II slot and an ISA slot. It lets your Amiga run PC software as fast as a real 486. The card also contains an onboard external disk drive connector, IDE controller and an option connector for use with the Monitor Master. This card can use any real ISA card plugged into the ISA slots from the PC side. Apparently 2 or 4MB of memory can actually be allocated for use by the Amiga and some Amiga memory can be allocated for use by the card, but this must be 24bit memory only. The card was supplied with an optional 2.88MB floppy drive controller, however the Amiga's native floppy drives can be used as if they were PC drives. Note: If the card is used in an A2000, then you must use the 68000 CPU adaptor or the card will not work. The adaptor consists of a 68000 socket with a small capacitor (about 10nF) soldered between pins 12 and 14. The 68000 processor should be removed from the motherboard, placed into the adaptor and then reseated.

Memory Configuration

Slot 1&2 Slot 3&4 Total
- - 512K on board
256K - 1MB
256K 256K 1.5MB
1MB - 2.5MB
256KB 1MB 3MB
1MB 1MB 4.5MB
- 4MB 8MB
256KB 4MB 9MB
1MB 4MB 10MB
4MB 4MB 16MB
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