Emulates: Apple Macintosh (512KE or MacPlus)
Processor: None (uses Amiga's)
RAM: None (uses Amiga's)
Graphics Emulation: Uses Amiga's native graphics modes
Sound Emulation: Unknown

The A-Max is an Apple Macintosh emulator in a cartridge which plugs into the Amiga's floppy drive port and includes a pass-thru for the Amiga's native drivers. It also has a connector to attach an Apple Mac 800K disk drive. The cartridge has two ROM sockets for either 64K or 128K ROMs and is actually signed internally by the designers. The 64K ROMs basically emulate the very old Apple Mac 512KE, with the 128K ROMs emulating the MacPlus. If you're Amiga is fitted with a processor other than a 68000 (this includes the 68010), then you must use 128K ROMs. The Mac Emulation uses the Amiga's native display and the Amiga's own memory. Unlike the Amiga however, Apple Macs require all memory to be in a single linear chunk, therefore the Amax will only be able to use memory from one chunk. For example, if you have an 8MB RAM expansion and 2MB of Chip, these are separate memory chunks, so the Amax can only be configured to use one or the other, not the full 10MB. The Amax uses the Amiga's native parallel and serial ports to emulate those on the Mac.

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