Image of Prometheus
- 1401 x 588, 116K


Zorro II: None  
Zorro III: None  
ISA: None  
PCI: 4 (Active, 33Mhz)
Video Slots: None  
Other: None  

The Prometheus is a PCI busboard which plugs into a Zorro III slot such as those in the A3000 series, A4000 series and A1200s fitted with Zorro III busboards. This card is probably best suited to "custom" solutions as the PCI cards will be at right angles to the Zorro cards, however extention cords are available so that the PCI cards can be aligned to the backplates. It is capable of transferring at 120MB/sec between PCI cards and about 12MB/sec between PCI cards and the Amiga. The card also contains a connector for an additional power supply if required. This card is sold with a CDROM which contains drivers for a Voodoo 3 graphics card (using P96 and Warp3D), network cards and sound cards. The drivers for this card are also open source*, unlike the drivers for similar PCI busboards meaning that the Amiga community can easily develop their own drivers without relying on the company.

* The design of the card itself was recently opened and it largely used OpenPCI for drivers, but I've never seen the source for the Voodoo driver or any of the others made public (March 2013).

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