connects to: Unknown

Emulates: Atari ST
Processor: None (uses Amiga's processor)
RAM: None (uses Amiga's RAM)
Graphics Emulation: All standard ST modes supported.
Sound Emulation: Unknown

The Brainstorm is a hardware and software combination Atari ST emulator for the Amiga. It claims to run about 98% of all Atari ST software and has MIDI support. Most programs should run, except the small number which do DMA or program the MFP. It support up to 8MB of Fast RAM and 2MB of Chip. The Emulator is capable of using all ST screenmodes including colour modes and accessing the Amiga's serial, parallel and floppy drives. It claims to be almost has fast as a real ST, with text speed being 120% the speed of and ST and disk access at 108%. Unlike the Medusa, the hardware has sockets for the ST ROMS (TOS).