Front of Power PC Board 500 Plus
Rear of Power PC Board 500 Plus
Emulates: PC
Processor: NEC V-30@11Mhz (8086 clone)
RAM: 1MB Surface Mounted.
(640K for PC programs, remainder for BIOS, Gfx Mem etc)
Graphics Emulation: MGA, CGA, MCGA, TANDY, EGA, EGA-S, VGA
Sound Emulation: Soundblaster (via Amiga's native audio)
Adlib (via Amiga's native audio)

A PC Emulator for the Amiga 500+ which plugs into the trapdoor slot. In addition to the 1MB of memory installed the card, PC programs can also make use of any additional memory assigned to it from the Amiga's own memory. When the emulated PC is not in use, the on board 1MB of RAM can be assigned for use by the Amiga. The card also has support for using hard disks, floppy drives, the serial port and joystick/mouse ports in PC mode.

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