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Emulates: PC
Processor: Intel 386sx@16Mhz, Intel 386sx@20Mhz or Intel 386sx@25Mhz, optional 387 FPU (PLCC)
RAM: 1MB (Expandable to 8MB with ZIPs, 16MB with a ZIP to SIMM converter)
Graphics Emulation: MDA
(can use real ISA graphics cards)
Sound Emulation: Real PC speaker
(can use real ISA sound cards)

A full length Zorro II card which emulates a PC at the full speed of a 386. It was available with three different speeds of 386, from 16Mhz to 25Mhz. The card plugs into both a Zorro II slot and an ISA slot and was capable of using real ISA cards. This bridgeboard could use your existing Amiga's floppy drives or dedicated floppy drives. Although the bridgeboard does not allow you to use ISA cards from the Amiga side, there is a special driver available from Aminet that does let you use NE2000 network cards from the Amiga.


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