Rev 6 A2286
Rev 6 A2286 with Sandwich board
Sandwich Board
Hi Res Version, Rev 6 A2286
- 3024 x 1391, 854K
Hi Res Version, Sandwich Board
- 2876 x 1841, 1,053K
Image of two 287 FPUs
- 350 x 214, 6K

Emulates: PC
Processor: Intel 286@10Mhz, Optional 287 FPU. (PLCC)
Graphics Emulation: Monochrome
(can also use real ISA graphics cards)
Sound Emulation: Unknown (can use real ISA sound cards)

A full length Zorro II card which lets your Amiga emulate a 286 PC at full speed. It plugs into both a Zorro II slot and an ISA slot and is capable of using real ISA cards. The card was usually supplied with a 1.2MB 5.25" floppy drive. Although the bridgeboard does not allow you to use ISA cards from the Amiga side, there is a special driver available from Aminet that does let you use NE2000 network cards from the Amiga.

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