The Framegrabber 256 is a real-time monochrome video digitizer capable of capturing 30 frames/sec in 256 greyscales. By using a colour wheel, it can also capture still images in 24bit. The colour wheel is a Red, Green and Blue filter. The image is digitized three times, one through each filter then they are combined to form a colour image. The Framegrabber 256 is capable of digitizing at up to 1008 x 1023. The unit has four RCA inputs for use with an RGB camera to capture colour images, or they can be used as four separate monochrome video inputs. The front has controls for altering the intensity and black level. It connects to both the parallel port and the Amiga's monitor port. The monitor in turn is then connected to the framegrabber. This allows the framegrabber to be operated using one monitor to switch between the video source and the Amiga's video

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