Amiga 1010 - BETA
Boingball on the front
Right side
Left side
Back with pass-through port.
Internal Commodore sticker and serial no.
Property of Commodore - NOT for resale. Not FCC approved yet.
Sticker closeup
Boing ball closeup
Hi Res version, Front
- 640 x 480, 33K
Hi Res version, Left side
- 640 x 480, 35K
Hi Res version, A1010
- 1200 x 799, 58K

The A1010 - BETA is an internal pre-release version of the later 1010 drive which was introduced with the Amiga 1000 as a second drive option. The pre-release version is NOT FCC compliant and is not to be distributed outside Commodore - so not many of this version is known to exists.

It has a Boing ball where the final version has the checkmark and a sticker at the bottom that says it's not for resale or distribution .

It contains a Matsushita drive mechanism and a pass-through port allowing the user to chain other drives or floppy port peripherals.

The drive listed here was acquired from Bob "Kodiak" Burns (Software engineer Commodore (Amiga) 1983 - 1986) at AmiWest 2016.

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