A1200 (AT)
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Left side
Right side
Magic Pack Scan
Hi Res Version, Top 1
- 1827 x 954, 287K
Hi Res Version, Top 2
- 1959 x 693, 215K
Hi Res Version, Isometric
- 1632 x 914, 243K
Hi Res Version, Left Side
- 1740 x 566, 104K
Hi Res Version, Right Side
- 1768 x 558, 123K
Hi Res Version, Rear
- 1899 x 312, 98K
Hi Res Version, Bottom
- 1836 x 906, 208K
Image of A1200 LEDs
- 2048 x 1536, 557K
Image of Logo
- 1676 x 1374, 286K
Hi Res version, Magic Pack Scan
- 4846 x 4187, 16,855K

Standard Specifications

NOTE: These specifications apply to the A1200 made by Amiga Technologies and do not necessarily apply to the A1200 made by Commodore.


Case Type: Computer in a Keyboard.
Processor: EC020@14Mhz
MMU: None
FPU: None
Chipset: AGA
Kickstarts: V3.1 (Two 40pin ROMs)
Bus Controller: Budgie
Expansion Slots: 1 x 150pin Trapdoor Slot.
1 x PCMCIA Slot (Type II)
Standard CHIP RAM: 2MB (Surface Mounted)
RAM sockets: None
Hard Drive Controllers: 1 x 2.5" IDE Controller (Unbuffered)
Drive Bays: 1 x Custom Floppy Drive Bay
1 x 2.5" Hard Drive Cradle
Expansion Ports: 1 x 25pin Serial
1 x 25pin Parallel
1 x 23pin RGB Video
1 x 23pin External Floppy
2 x 9pin Joystick/Mouse
2 x RCA Audio (Left/Right)
1 x RF Connector
Floppy Drive: 1x Internal 880K (Actually a PC 1.44MB drive converted for Amiga use)
Motherboard Revisions: Unknown
Battery Backed Up Clock: No

When Escom took over the Amiga operation once commodore when bust, they set up an Amiga subsiduary called Amiga Technologies, which re-released the A1200, in a slightly updated form. It consisted of a slightly newer motherboard with KS 3.1 ROMs (as opposed to 3.0) and a PC floppy drive jumpered down to double density for Amiga use. The floppy drive was suitable for most operations however it did have problems with games which used special track loading techniques as anti piracy measures. Please also see the Commodore A1200


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