Framemachine II
Framemachine II & Prism 24 installed in an A3000
The FrameMachine II is an updated version of the original FrameMachine and can also make use of the Prism 24 genlock. It also includes 1MB of 30ns RAM. The main improvements over the original version was support for the AGA screenmodes, and importantly the AGA video slot, as found in A4000 series machines. If the FrameMachine II is used in an A2000 then an optional adaptor may be required, because the A2000's video slot is not inline with a Zorro II slot.

FBAS-Video Input (1 VSS/75 Ohm Cinch)
Y/C S-Video Input (Y: 1 VSS/75 Ohm over 4-pol Mini DIN, C: 0.3 VSS/75Ohm over 4-pol Mini DIN)
RGB Monitor Output (only with the use of Prism 24)
PS Data Connector for controlling external devices. 8-pol Mini DIN
Video Norm: PAL/NTSC 4:1:1 digitizer, 4:2:2 Prism 24 module
Resolutions: Digitizing at over 800 x 600
Range: FBAS ( 30hz - 3.5Mhz (+/- 1dB)), Y/C (30hz - 5.5Mhz (+/- 1dB)

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