Processor: 040@28Mhz or 040@33Mhz
FPU: Internal
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 64MB
Ram Type: 8 x 72pin SIMMs

The card also includes on onboard SCSI II controller. It is not certain if this card was ever released to the public but it certainly existed in silicon. Show cards were demonstrated at a WoA show in London in the early 90s. One was in an A4000 running F-18/Interceptor and the other was in an open A4000 running workbench. Orders were being taken for the card, but they may have been "pre-orders".

Autoboot Zeus A3
Enable On
Disable Off

Machine Type B4
A2000 On
B2000 Off

Boot Priority C2
68040 On
68000 Off

Cache Control C3
Enable On
Disable Off

Burst Control C4
Enable On
Disable Off

Memory Control Jumpers

Autoconfig Memory A1 A2
0 MB CFG On On
2 MB CFG Off On
4 MB CFG On Off
8 MB CFG Off Off

Number of 1MBx4 Banks B1 B2 B3
0 Banks On On On
1 Bank Off On On
2 Banks On Off On
3 Banks Off Off On
4 Banks On On Off

Memory Speed (28MHz) D1 D2
60ns RAM On On
80ns RAM Off On
100ns RAM On Off
Undefined Off Off

Memory Speed (33MHz) D1 D2
Undefined On On
60ns RAM On Off
80ns RAM Off On
Undefined Off Off

On = jumper installed
Off = jumper not installed

Memory banks take either 1MBx8 or 4MBx8 SIMM modules.

Bank 1 is on the top left corner, near the U303 chip. Bank 2 is on the bottom left corner. Bank 3 is on the top right corner (near text "1992") and bank 4 is on the bottom right corner.

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