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Processor: 040@28MHz or 33MHz* 
FPU: Internal
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type: 8 x Custoom GVP 40ns SIMM modules.

This board provided a 68040 CPU and 1-8MB of high-speed 32-bit FastRAM provided with unique 40ns non-multiplexed DRAM.

These SIMM modules are different than the typical custom GVP SIMM32 modules for other GVP 68030/68040 accelerators.  Burst memory access is supported with 4 or 8 modules installed.

* A 40Mhz prototype was operational in the A3000T that also ran the GVP BBS @GVP back in 1993.  What happend to this prototype is unknown.

This board is referred to by some as the 'Boneyard Board', due to all of the large TTL and PAL logic parts lined up like railroad ties across it.  This 68040 accelerator board was the ancestor to the GVP A30x0/A40x0 68040/68060 T-REX I and II products for the Amiga A3000/A4000, and later the QuikPak 68060 accelerator seen in the last Amiga Technologies A4000T.

This board had support for on-board Kickstart ROMs behind the angled memory sockets, but was never documented in it's use.  Remap of Kickstart via MMU into the onboard 32-bit Memory offers better perfromance.

The memory on the board (as with most CPU slot accelerators for the A3000) is OS-detected starting at 0x0800.0000.

68030 fallback mode is possible, but will be without the onboard 32-bit RAM.


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