CD32 parallel port
 connects to: CD32 Rear Expansion Slot
Hi Res version, Top
- 4032 x 2256, 9,662K
Hi Res version, Bottom
- 4032 x 2165, 11,494K

A third party curiosity that was sold in some numbers on eBay.

It's a parallel port of sorts, but definitely not standard, and would not work with printers or any
peripherals except whatever it was made for.
Mystery Co32 Expansion PCB (non standard Parallel Port)
Pins 18-25 tied to ground from CD32 expansion port *
Pin 17 (/Select Printer) tied to ground
Pins 14-16 (Reset, Error, /Line Feed) are not connected
Pins 10-13 are not connected
Pins 8 & 9 (D6 & D7) are connected together, and are a transistorised output
Pins 5-7 (D3-D5) are connected to PGA
Pins 3 & 4 (D1 & D2) are connected through vias to PGA
Pin 2 (D0) is connected to PGA
Pin 1 (/Strobe) is not connected
*consistent with standard parallel port
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