TekMagic (Ultrasound) 4060/60Mhz
 connects to: Zorro III
Hi Res version, Board
- 3264 x 2448, 11,647K
Hi Res version, Installed
- 3264 x 2448, 11,635K

This is not the typical GVP/QuikPak 4060 sold to consumers.  It is a special board sold for a medical ultrasound system that used an Amiga 4000T as the central processor for the machine.
It is a 68060/64MB/60Mhz CPU board that will only fit in an A4000T (possibly an A3000T, but none available currently to form-factor test).  It can not fit in a desktop A3000/4000D due to the shape/length.  The custom connectors are for ultrasound-specific hardware that was integrated in the provided system (presumably a connection to special video or control hardware).  There is no SCSI hardware on the product.

A4000T motherboard CPU jumpers get set to Int clocking.

Board supports 64MB with only 4x standard 16MB 72-pin SIMMs (4x 32MB modules for 128MB are not supported).  No RAM is configured if <4 SIMMs present.  CPU slotcard memory is OS-detected and mapped automatcally.
The board's RAM is placed at 08000000-0BFFFFF, Memory Priority 40 in memory list.  Typical CPU board expansion RAM.
This board places an $00F00000 address space board/ROM (cartridge?) into the system.  Research has identified that this contains the small amount of code necessary at boot time to address the 68060 FPU that Kickstart 3.1 does not have natively. 
Showboards 3.35 reports:
Board 1: Emplant Board (this is suspect, has been reported)
Made By: Reserved
Product ID: 32 / $0020, Manufacturer ID: 2011 / $07DB
Address: $00E90000 Size: 64K
No Driver, Can be shut up, Z3 Card

Board 2: A 40x0 Turbo
Made By: Great Valley Products
Product ID: 22 / $0016  Manufacturer ID: 2017 / $07E1
Address: $00F00000  Size 512k (this is unique - F00000 is a unique cartridge ROM address for Amiga)
Board can be shut up, Z2 Card
3rd party links above designate that KS 3.1 default in A4000T is supported with the F0 cartridge/diag code present.
Tested with official Cloanto Amiga Forever 3.x (3.9) ROMs (KS 45.64), using WB 3.1 at the moment.
Jumpers (trial and error):
JP3 - On (no boot without jumper)
JR2 - Off (remove no effect seen/Sysinfo)
JR1 - On (remove no effect seen/Sysinfo)
JR5 - On (remove no effect seen/Sysinfo)
JP6/7 - Off/On (Short or Removed no effect seen/Sysinfo)
Mask Rev 5 68060 (via WhichAmiga)
It said (but not confirmed) that 50ns RAM can be used with overclocking to about 66Mhz.  I have added 50ns RAM, but no opportunity yet to de-solder the oscillator and test.

From power on to Workbench, with an IDE DOM, WB 40.42, is less than 10 seconds (first HD blip to WB).  Sysinfo reports 2.6MB/sec off the IDE DOM module I have.  No devices on the SCSI interface.  BigRAM 256MB card installed, Hydra Systems AmigaNet card in a slot.  16MB DRAM motherboard FastRAM.  Motherboard ROM set for 160ns reads (fastest).  Gotek floppy.
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