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Hi Res version, Front
- 1200 x 674, 156K
Hi Res version, Review 1
- 987 x 1300, 363K
Hi Res version, Review 2
- 970 x 1300, 352K
Hi Res version, Review 3
- 981 x 1300, 380K
Hi Res version, Review 4
- 971 x 1300, 338K

With the blackburst option the Toaster Cozzy has a "built in" blackburst generator with 5 BNC outputs on the back of the Cozzy for refference input into any of 5 devices. Toaster, TBC, Tape deck, etc.

Inside the later version of the Cozzy there are two video slot connectors. On one side is an Amiga 3000 style video expansion slot and on the other side is an extended version Amiga 4000 syle video slot.

The board in the center of the Cozzy has two connectors for the ribbon cable depending on which version you opted for in the cable. A3000 or A4000 video slot. The center board is also the Blackburst generator.

You can place either a Toaster 2000 OR a Toaster 4000 card in the Cozzy depending on the cable you have by simply switching the connection on the Cozzy board and installing the appropriate Video Toaster.

The main purpose of the Cozy was to get the Toaster out of the Amiga primarily for space constraints in the 3000 desktop and the 4000 desktop, and also to reduce heat in these cramped systems.

Heifner Communications (now Orbitaldata) manufactured the Toaster Cozzy (sic)

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