Amilink, VM-T (master controller)
VM-TR (master controller + video deck controller),
VM-TRR (master controller + 2 video deck controllers)

Amilink was a video editor for the Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000. Prior to Amilink, video editing was primarily done on high end hardware costing tens of thousands of dollars, this was one of the first home video editing system to come out.

It allowed full A/B Roll editing, control of professional video decks, video switchers (including the Video Toaster and more. It was used on a number of commercial TV programs including Seaquest DSV.

  • controls the Video Toaster switcher and up to three professional VCRs on a V-LAN network
  • can control other switchers via RS-422 or general purpose interface (GPI) triggers
  • the V-LAN Universal Control Network is simply an RS-232 protocol adapter that uses device specific software drivers allowing control of VTRs or other devices via a 9 pin RS-422 serial connection
  • controls the timing of all audio and video special effects (chroma effects, character generator, keyer, etc.)
  • automatic assembly of the edit decision list (EDL)
  • supports EDLs from other editing systems in the standard CMX format
  • zero frame accuracy
  • interfaces through Arexx commands with the Toaster
  • there are many versions of the AmiLink hardware (Pro, CI, CIP), the main difference between them is the number of V-LAN transmitters/receivers
    • VM-T (V-Lan master controller, 5 BNC) + VM-TRR (three video deck controllers, 2 BNC, 3 DB9)
    • VM-T (V-Lan master controller, 5 BNC) + VM-TR (two video deck controllers, 2 BNC, 2 DB9)
    • VM-TRR (V-Lan master controller + two video deck controllers, 5 BNC, 2 DB9)
  • the master controller communicates with the Amiga through the Amiga serial port
  • the software is protected by a parallel port dongle
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