X-Surf 100
 connects to: Zorro II
X-surf 100

X-Surf 100 100 Mbit Ethernet Zorro-II/III Card

The new X-Surf 100 is a networking card for all Amiga computers with Zorro slots. If used in an Amiga 2000 or in a Zorro daughter board for the Amiga 1200, it will run at Zorro-II speed. If installed in an Amiga 3000, Amiga 4000 or the respective tower versions (equipped with a Buster 11 chip, which is mandatory for Zorro-III operation), it will run at Zorro-III speed, which is up to five times faster than Zorro-II.

Please note that there is no guarantee that the X-Surf 100 works in third-party Zorro boards used in tower conversions, such as boards made by Eagle, Mikronik, RBM or Elbox. The X-Surf 100 may or may not work in these boards. (It will definitely not work in the OnBoard made by RBM.) Although the X-Surf 100's bus interface is designed to tolerate many quirks that those third-party boards have, proper operation is only guaranteed if used in original Commodore daughter boards.

Owners of the Merlin graphics card must have the latest hardware patches installed. Owners of the Mediator PCI/Zorro daughterboard must close the swap jumper.

Key Features:

  •     100 Mbit physical link rate
  •     32-bit Zorro-III interface for maximum performance
  •     Sana-II device for use with Amiga OS 2.0 up to Amiga OS 3.9
  •     power saving 3.3V technology with 1.8V core voltage
  •     space saving design
  •     gold-plated Zorro contacts and stainless steel metal bracket
  •     local expansion port for forthcoming high-speed USB module

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