Hi Res version, Front
- 2587 x 1004, 1,001K
Hi Res version, Front
- 2560 x 811, 726K
Hi Res version, Back
- 2519 x 932, 849K
Hi Res version, Label
- 2592 x 1936, 2,027K

This is a full length WD33C93 Zorro II SCSI-2 card similar to the GVP A2000-HC and the original SCSI+RAM products. This card provides for 2mb memory expansion installed as standard 30-pin SIMMs.


J2 (removed) enables the 2MB AutoConfig FastRAM.
J4 enables the boot EPROM socket(s).
J5 is a test jumper (disables AutoConfig)

The board is upgradable to the single v3.x FastROM from the original V1.0 or 2.x dual ROM configuration.  U30 takes the single v3.x FastROM EPROM as long as PAL U42 is checksum 4711.  A dual-ROM version of the driver is available if this updated PAL is not installed.  Either ROM format of the FastROM driver can be found and programmed from the download link of driver-writer's website. 


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