Hi Res version, A604n
- 600 x 462, 97K


A604n, memory Expansion (and more) for Amiga 600

The memory expansion card A604n is almost identical to its predecessor A604:

  • 1 MB additional Chip RAM (expanding the A600 to 2 MB Chip RAM)
  • Connector for RTC module
  • Clockports for A1200 expansion modules (*)
  • Expansion socket for Indivision ECS

The on-board RTC of the A604 is replaced by the connector for the RTC module (which can be fitted optionally, it is not a requirement).

The A604n, just like the A604, allows to mount an Indivision ECS without losing the floppy disk drive (which was a problem with the A603 card). Additionally, the A604n also features a second clockport especially designed for the Subway USB controller module. This second clockport can boast a performance gain of 60% compared to a standard clockport, so the Subway's USB transfers are faster than ever before.

(*) Only clockport modules with a cable can be used, e.g. Delfina, Catweasel Mk2, or Silversurfer Limited Edition. When using the second clockport, modifications to the metal shield may be required (if the shield is present at all).

The A604n can be installed through the trapdoor bay on the bottom without opening the case. However, it is recommended (and may be required) to open the case when installing additional modules.

Source: http://www.vesalia.de/e_a604n.htm

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