connects to: Side Expansion Slot
PCB, connector side
PCB memory side
Hi Res version, PCB memory side
- 3920 x 2940, 2,694K
Hi Res version, Box
- 3920 x 2940, 2,077K
Hi Res version, Number
- 3920 x 2940, 1,745K

Starboard 1 mb ram expansion for Amiga 1000. Starboard 2 is the follow up to this item.

Based on online forum research, this unit is believed to be auto-detected by the OS in Kickstart 1.3, but not in OS 1.2 and earlier. 

This implies that the memory is likely hardwired into the $C00000 Ranger memory area.  The OS 1.3 software-detects this, as OS 1.2 supported Hardware AutoConfig of FastRAM expansion boards. 

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