Digi-View Gold
 connects to: Parallel Port
Front, open
Back, open
Hi Res version, Front
- 1280 x 960, 137K
Hi Res version, Back
- 1280 x 960, 98K
Hi Res version, Front, open
- 2304 x 1728, 525K
Hi Res version, Back, open
- 2304 x 1728, 553K


Digi-View Gold framegrabber

The Digiview is a colour digitizer that plugs into the parallel port of the Amiga and digitizes colour images in three pass using a colour filter wheel and a videocamera. Color images are captured using a color separation process which produces near photographic quality images on your Amiga screen. A color filter wheel (included with Digi- View Gold) is mounted in front of the video camera lens. Three pictures are taken, one through each of the red, green, and blue filters, during which time the subject must be stationary. The Digi-View 4.0 software then combines the separate color images into a lifelike, full color display in any of the Amiga's screen resolution modes.


  • 21 bit accuracy in colour, 7 bit in monochrome
  • composite input (RCA)
  • separate PAL and NTSC versions
  • connects to the parallel port
  • supports all Amiga resolutions for digitizing and display, from 320 × 200 to 768 × 480 (NTSC overscan)
  • uses the Amiga RAM as framebuffer - requires at least 1 MB memory for functioning


  • DigiView 3.0
    • displays 2-32, 64, 4096 colours in lores modes
    • displays 2-16 colours in highres
  • DigiView 4.0
    • displays 2 - 4096 colours in all screen modes
    • Dynamic HiRes allows 768 × 480 images in 4096 colours - achieved using separate 16 colour palettes for each line
    • supports 020+ processors

Many of these were actually molded (possibly assembled as well) in an employee's dorm room.

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