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Accelerator Board ACA-620
68EC020 CPU and 10.8+5 MB RAM for Amiga 600

The ACA-620 is powered by a 68EC020 CPU clocked at 16.67 MHz, and it has builtinMapROM function. MapROM allows executing a Kickstart ROM from fast 32-bit memory, increasing execution speed considerably. 5 MBytes of the card memory are always mounted automatically, so the card is PCMCIA-friendly under all Kickstart versions. The Maxmem option allows to mount another 5.8 MBytes, providing a total amount of 10.8 MBytes of RAM to application software. 1 MByte is reserved for the MapROM function.

The ACA-620 is installed on the 68000-processor. It's not possible to have the harddrive craddle in the A600 when using ACA-620. The card has a jumper to disable the entire card.


  • CPU MC68EC020 clocked at 16.67 MHz
  • 10.8+5 MB RAM on-board
  • Power consumption below 1.7W, therefore compatible with the original A600 power supply
  • Compatible with the old Gayle-01, which was used on A300 boards and some (rather rare) A600 boards

Use the ACAtune tool to optimize the performance of the system.

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