With manual
Hi Res version, Top
- 3072 x 2304, 1,799K
Hi Res version, With manual
- 3072 x 2304, 1,787K
Hi Res version, Back,top
- 3072 x 2304, 1,774K
Hi Res version, Back
- 3072 x 2304, 1,772K
Hi Res version, Connectors
- 3072 x 2304, 1,804K
Hi Res version, Bottom
- 3072 x 2304, 1,786K
- 6,891K


L1000 Composite genlock

The L1000 is a desk-top video production genlock and encoder, equipped with a keyer, a mixer, and a fader, compatible with Amiga A500, A500 PLUS, A1000, A1500, A2000, A3000, A600, A1200 and A4000.

The L1000 enables you to overlay graphics created on the host computer onto any PAL composite video signal, resulting in a very high quality PAL output that can be recorded, viewed, distributed, etc.

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