ACA 500 prototype
ACA-500 attached to ACA-1220


ACA 500, Amiga 500 accelerator (prototype, not released yet. march 2013)

The ACA-500 is powered by a 14MHz CMOS-68000 processor with 2MBytes RAM and a mass-storage controller for CF-cards and CD drives. Autoboot from CF-card is possible from Kickstart V1.3 and higher.

Thanks to our TrueIDE technology, any CF card can be used, even if the card identifies as "removable device". A CD-ROM drive can be connected to the easily reachable IDE port on the side of the A500.

The relatively moderate increase in speed is enough to run WHDload. For those who want more CPU power, the ACA500 has a CPU-slot compatible with our accelerators for A1200 computers. This makes ACA accelerators such as 1220, 1230,1231 and 1232 available to the A500 computer. Negotiations about including Kickstart licenses into the ACA500 is going on, so the built-in flashrom can be pre-loaded with different Kickstart licenses.


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