Minimig self-assembly
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Blank Minimig PCB
4MB-Version,V1.1-Board w/2 additional RAM-chips soldered to the regular ones, connecting their CS-lines to the spare I/O-pins.
Assembled ARM-Controller, which replaces the PIC
Hi Res version, ARM PCB
- 1173 x 1632, 176K

Self-assembled Minimig V1.1 with ARM-Controller and 4 MB RAM. group purchase of minimig and ARM-Controller PCB's, organized by user jdb78 and AmigaGTI. Pace17881 and halbvier organized the grouped purchase of the parts.

BOM for the ARM Controller and the Minimig V1.1

Original Gerber-Files, schematics etc.

The pictures are showing the 4MB-Version of the Minimig V1.1-Board, where 2 additional RAM-chips were soldered onto the regular ones and connecting their CS-lines to the spare I/O-pins on the board.

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