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A4000-060 XP (rev2)

One of the most avanced accelerators for Desktop A3000/4000 series computer or A4000T - CPU 68060/66MHz. The age of the card and it's location* would suggest that the CPU was not a 50MHz part that had been re-marked. A 50Mhz version also exists.

Looking at the EPROM, the SCSI driver is tekscsi2.device v2.2 (21.11.97) 1997 Asimware Innovations Inc. and mentions J Boyer Copyright 1996.

The EPROM contains the SCSI driver as expected, but also includes at least part of ASIM CDFS.  This was highly confusing at first when asim_atapi.device (v4.124.02.1998) was available on the system even when booted from a floppy.

The card has been seen factory installed in A4000T and it has been seen in Quikpak towers aswell.

It's a very similar design by some of the same people that made the GVP A4060. People often get them mixed up for obvious reasons
Looking at them side by side, the QuikPak seems like a more ambitious version of the GVP with at least better SCSI and firmware.


  • 3.3 volt 68060 or 5 volt 68040
  • Cpu speed: 33MHz to 66MHz
  • Optional Ultra/Wide SCSI-3 controller
  • 4 x standard 72 pin SIMM sockets allows up to 128mb memory
  • Supports EDO DRAM
  • 4, 8, 16 or 32mb standard SIMM, access time 60 or 70ns
  • Optional boot rom socket
  • Supports kickstart ROM mapping
  • Jumper settings: See attached manual

*Specific card was found in a box at NewTek.


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