Amiga CD32 Floppy Drive
 connects to: CD32 Rear Expansion Slot
Real time clock
Hi res version, Front
- 3264 x 2176, 166K
Hi res version, Back
- 3264 x 2176, 188K
Hi res version, Side
- 3264 x 2176, 189K
Hi Res version, PSU
- 600 x 401, 183K
Hi Res version, Slot
- 600 x 401, 194K

This floppy drive slots straight into the back port on the CD32 and converts your CD32 into an A1200. The floppe drive unit is Sony FDD, housed in a cream coloured plastic. The floppy drive includes a real time clock & printer port. The real time closk is contained on a seperate PCB.

  • Printer Parallel port
  • 15-pin port
  • PSU socket (works fine without)

Product is not supplied with a manual.

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