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Hi Res version, Front
- 2088 x 2574, 486K
Hi Res version, Inside
- 1280 x 960, 294K
Hi Res version, Rear
- 2148 x 3330, 1,054K

Description: Kickstart switcher 1.3/2.04

Compatibility: A500/A500+, probably working also on A2000 and CDTV (depending on physical mounting limitations)

Contains two EPROMs with Kickstart 2.04 and a free socket for Kickstart 1.3 (or 1.2, but not tested).
It's controlled by low level signal at computer switch on: normally boots to 1.3; if the signal goes low, it boots to KS 2.04.
This priority is not changeable.
The signal is usually generated by pressing left mouse button: for this connect the wire to pin 8 of ODD CIA (U7 on the motherboard).
Subsequent resets don't switch Kickstart.
There is also a jumper on the board: it's used for compatibility with older A500 motherboard revisions (rev.5).
In fact on rev.5 motherboard the last address line (for addressing 512kB kickstarts) has a different pin number than later revisions (rev.6a/7/8),hence the jumper for a proper working of KS 2.04.
Having the board with the EPROMs on top left: jumper on the left (rev.6 a=d upper); jumper on the right (rev.5).
The board has to be mounted with EPROMs on top (see image).

Notes: "The P" is the engineer who have done it, and he worked for Logica (Pordenone - ITALY) for other Amiga projects too.
Apparently this board has been designed for working with an hardware switch, but later has been modified for working with a different control method (IC should be a clock controlled latch HCF4042).

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