Toaster Oven 4000GT
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Dimensions: ~ 23cm x 77cm x 51xm (WxHxD), the unit is also supplied with casters which increase the height by approximately 5cm if they are fitted.
3.5" Bays: 2 (2 with faceplates)
5.25" Bays: 16 (5 with faceplates)
PSU: 250watt

A tower kit designed for rehousing a desktop A4000. The tower has a door which covers the externally facing drives, and a large fan at the front of the unit, however the tower does not have any LEDs for showing things like disk activity. You may also need to drill new holes for installing the A4000 floppy drive as apparently by the default the existing holes are in the wrong location. In addition to installing the A4000's daughterboard, an additional busboard is supplied called the Big Ethyl. This busboard contains 6 ISA slots as well as a video slot. The ISA slots are completely isolated from the Amiga, so therefore they are not active. This also means that you cannot use a busboard are similar, they are intended to be used by ISA cards which only require an ISA slot for power, primiarily things like TBC cards. The video slot is attached to the Amiga via ribbon cables. This allows you to move the device in your video slot, freeing up the inline Zorro slot.

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