The WinkBug is a hardware unit intended for debugging, compatible with most models of Amiga. Apparently it's not compatible with the A1000, but that could simply be because the A1000's parallel port is a different gender from other Amigas and this device uses the parallel port. It has a 16 character, 2 line LCD display for showing debugging information. It has a 3-way knob, labelled "A", "B", "WinkBug" and "Parallel Port". When not in use, the WinkBug should be at position "Parallel Port". To fully utilise the item, wink.library needs to be installed in LIBS:. The rear of the unit has three DB25 connectors, one for attaching directly to the Amiga and the other two for attaching parallel port items. Presumably they act like pass-throughs, depending on whether you select port A or B.
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Updated: 4/12/2006 . Added: 4/12/2006