Standard Specifications

Case Type: No specific case type (yet)
Processor: Unknown (Possibly 68000@7.14Mhz)
MMU: None
FPU: None
Chipset: Custom implementation of Paula, Agnus & Denise in FPGA
Kickstarts: At least Kickstart 1.3
Expansion Slots: Unknown
Standard CHIP RAM: Unknown
RAM sockets: None
Hard Drive Controllers: None
Drive Bays: None
Expansion Ports: At least 1 x 15pin VGA
1 x 2.5mm Jack (probably audio out)
Floppy Drive: None (Floppy drive is simulated by reading ADF files from an MMC card)
Motherboard Revisions: Unknown
Battery Backed Up Clock: Unknown

The MiniMig is a re-implementation of the A500, built by Dennis van Weeren of the Hobby Commodore Club in the Netherlands. At the time of writing, the hardware is not available to the public for purchase. The MiniMig consists of three main PCBs, one appears to be the motherboard containing most of the logic, the second contains some display circuitry, the MMC card reader and possibly serial ports whilst the third appears to contain either the processor or Paula, Agnus & Denise implemented in a single FPGA. A floppy drive is simulated by the use of ADF images stored on an MMC card.