The SA1000 is a SCSI controller designed to connect to the side expansion slot of the A1000. It uses the same metal box as the AX1000 and AX2000 RAM expansions however it includes an LED to show zorro bus activity and an external DB25 SCSI connector. This connected the control unit to an external chassis which could house up to two 5.25" half-height SCSI disks or a single 5.25" full-height SCSI disk and was supplied with a 20MB seagate by default. The external chassis included an LED to show disk activity. The controller unit also included a pass-through for attaching additional devices. The SA1000 was the first auto-booting SCSI controller for the Amiga and apparently Commodore said at the time, it couldn't be done. However, after they were proved wrong by Comspec, Commodore purchased several units themselves. Like the SA2000, the SA1000 probably does not support the Commodore RDB standard and requires at least Kickstart 1.3 to be able to auto-boot.
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