Hi Res Version, Disknet
- 650 x 381, 40K
Image of Amiga-Link box
- 1232 x 1611, 500K
Type Custom (Uses external floppy drive ports)
SANA-II Driver: Yes
MNI Driver: No
Other Driver: Yes (NOS Custom Driver)

NOT compatible and is capable of transferring at around 50k/sec and supports up to 20 machines on a maximum cable length of 100 metres. It requires at least Kickstart 1.2, but Kickstart 2.0+ is highly recommended. The external floppy drive can still be used, providing that it has a pass-through port. One exception to this is the A1010 because its pass-through port is not powered. It has also been reported at the Disknet / Amiga-Link is not compatible with the SX-1.

The Amiga-Link was manufactured under license by Amitrix and was primarily sold in North America, whilst the Disknet was primarily sold in Europe. Amitrix almost purchased the rights from AmLink but the deal fell through due to costs.

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