An adapter for big box Amiga's which lets you use PS/2 PC keyboards. The Amiga side of the adapter uses the PS/2 style mini-DIN as found on the A4000, so other big box Amiga models will require and PS/2 to large 5-pin DIN adapter.

The following key emulations are used:

  • F11 and F12 : [nnd]
  • Print : \
  • Pause : URL of Manual
  • Insert : Help
  • Home : Page mode A: shift-cursor left
    Page mode B: ALT-cursor left
  • End : Page mode A: shift-cursor right
    Page mode B: ALT-cursor right
  • PgUp : Page mode A: shift-cursor up
    Page mode B: ALT-cursor up
  • PgDn : Page mode A: shift-cursor down
    Page mode B: ALT cursor down
  • L-Windows : L-Amiga
  • R-Windows : R-Amiga

The adapter also contains a small jumper which swaps the functions of the ALT and Windows keys.

Page contributors: Andreas Kähler
Updated: 9/15/2005 . Added: 9/15/2005