Amiga Bremse
Amiga Bremse controls
A500 version
The Bremse is a device which connects between the CPU socket and the 68000 in the A2000. It may also be compatible with the A500, however a version specific for the A500/+ and possibly the A1000 was also made which connects to the side expansion slot. The device contains two switches, one is the on/off switch, whilst the other controls the core speed of the processor. The device is designed to let the user "slow-down" the Amiga, useful for playing or "cheating" in high speed games. The device can slow down the Amiga to about 1 frame per second or pause it entirely.

The image showing the controls, shows them mounted at the front of the A2000 case. The switch has three positions which are, Up - Manual Control (use the dial), Down - Freeze, Middle - Normal Position. The dial is used to control the speed of the Amiga when manual control is enabled.

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