Catweasel Mk-IV
 connects to: PCI
Front of Catweasel Mk-IV
Back of Catweasel Mk-IV
Image of Backplate
- 1059 x 434, 94K
Image of front of Box
- 1118 x 758, 181K
Image of back of Box
- 1144 x 776, 212K
The Catweasel Mk-IV is a PCI card which drivers for AmigaOS 4, the Prometheus busboard as well as other operating systems such as Windows. The Catweasel lets you read almost any disk format using ordinary 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disk drives. The Mk-IV now also supports disk drives which do not have a manual eject button, but can only be ejected in software. The card contains two 9pin Amiga-style joystick / mouse ports which as well as supporting Amiga mice and joysticks also support CD32 control pads. There are two PS/2 type connectors on the card, one is a keyboard connector which supports both Amiga and PC keyboards whilst the second is for attaching PS/2 mice. Two SID chips (the sound chip used in the C64) can be fitted to the card for precise emulation of C64 sound in stereo.
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