AVIS (Asynchronous Vertical Image Scan)
AVIS with labels
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Video Surveillance setup
The AVIS is a rather novel digitizer. It is intended for 'video conferencing' and interactive TV. It digitizes in 16 greyscales in sizes of 96 x 76 pixels at a speed of 1 frame per 2 seconds.

The unit plugs into the Amiga's 23pin video port and a modem is plugged into the rear of the digitizer. An additional video source such as a camera can also be attached. It supports PAL, NTSC & SECAM. The digitized images are automatically sent to a remote computer through the modem which can be via the internet or by a direct dial up connection. Infact it is possible to use the AVIS without physically attaching it to the Amiga.

The AVIS was also supplied with software to let you digitize images and save them to your hard disk.

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