Personal V-Scope (VM-2000)
 connects to: ISA
Personal V-Scope
Personal V-Scope with RC-2000
The V-Scope is not strictly a TBC but is really designed to be used with one. It plugs into an ISA slot, but active ISA slots are not required as it simply uses one for power. The DPS Personal V-Scope produces a digitally synthesized Waveform Monitor and VectorScope display which can be superimposed onto any video signal. This plug-in card is both AMIGA and IBM PC compatible and comes with control software for both. Any NTSC video signal may be input to the DPS Personal V-Scope which provides a buffered video output, a superimposed (software controlled) video output, and a full-time waveform/vector video output. When combined with the DPS Personal TBC II, III or IV, the V-Scope provides a fully integrated video processing, manipulating and monitoring environment.
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