Single Slot Zorro Adaptor
 connects to: Trapdoor Slot (A1200)
Single Slot Zorro Adaptor
Zorro II: 1
Zorro III: None
ISA: None
PCI: None
Video Slots: None
Other: None

The card connects to the A1200 trapdoor connector and provides it with a single Zorro II slot. You cannot fit this in a standard A1200, it must be used in a towered A1200. The board includes a pass through for attaching your accelerator. Two slightly different versions of this board were available, one with an onboard keyboard interface and one without. The board measures about 3" x 6". Due to the angle of the Zorro II slot it may not be physically possible to install it in many tower systems however the power tower is known to be ok, although if the Zorro II card has a backplate with connectors on it, you'll not be able to access these from outside the tower without some custom solution