Hi Res Version, Brikette
- 667 x 1046, 92K
The Brickette allows you to connect a standard Amiga joystick and mouse to the "PS/2" style mouse port of the CDTV. The adapter contains a small 8bit microprocessor which provides three additional features.

3 Speed Rapid/Auto Fire
Hold down the left and right mouse button at the same time and move the joystick to choose the rapid fire mode. Moving forward will disable rapid/auto fire. Moving left sets fast rapid fire, back sets medium speed whilst right sets slow fire.

Mouse Resolution
The brikette supports two modes of mouse resolution. It supports 1 pixel and 2 pixel resolutions, in the other words the smallest movement possible with the mouse in pixels. By default the brikette uses 2 pixel resolution. To change to 1 pixel resolution, hold down both mouse buttons and press fire on the joystick button. To return to 2 pixel resolution, hold down both mouse buttons and press forward on the joystick.

To reset the brikette, hold down fire on the joystick whilst removing the brikette and reinserting it. Alternatively physically unplugging the CDTV will also work.

Page contributors: Henrik Matzen
Updated: 1/14/2005 . Added: 1/14/2005