Turbo Amiga Mem
 connects to: Other
RAM chips
Attached to Turbo Amiga CPU card
Hi Res version, Front
- 4895 x 2118, 2,938K
Hi Res version, Back
- 4818 x 1909, 2,543K
Hi Res version, Details
- 5202 x 3465, 4,111K
Hi Res version, RAM chips
- 5202 x 3465, 2,662K
Hi Res version, Perspective
- 5202 x 3465, 3,688K
Hi Res version, Front
- 4992 x 2432, 3,341K
Max Ram: 2MB
Ram Type: Static RAM
Connection: Unknown

A RAM board designed for use with the A2000 accelerator simply called the Turbo Amiga. The Turbo Amiga is also found in the Turbo Amiga Tower for the A1000. Turbo Amiga CPU

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