A500 Clockports
 connects to: CPU Socket
Rev 1.1, Back with chip socket
Rev 1.1, Front with chip socket
Rev 1.1, Front
Rev 1.1, Back
Rev 1.2, Front
Rev 1.2, Back
The original idea for this hardware came from a discussion in a German Amiga Forum and was finally produced by Individual Computers. It plugs into the CPU socket of the A500/+ (it may also be A2000 compatible) and provides the A500 with two A1200 style clock port connectors. At least version 1.2 also appears to be A1000 compatible. Please note however that certain clockport expansions require faster CPUs than the standard CPU in an A500, so an appropriate accelerator may also be required. For example, the Subway requires an 030. Only around 35 Rev 1.1 units were manufactured.
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