connects to: Zorro II
AE2000-100 Closeup
Hi Res Version, AE2000-100
- 1634 x 694, 232K
Type Ethernet
10Base2 (BNC & Coax, ThinNet): Yes
10Base5 (AUI & Coax, ThickNet): Yes
10BaseT (RJ45 & UTP): No
100BaseTX (RJ45 & UTP): No
SANA-II Driver: Yes (the A2065 driver)
MNI Driver: Yes (z2-am7990.mni)
Other Driver: Yes (AS255r TCP/IP stack has built in support as its A2065 compatible)

A full length Zorro II network card for the Amiga. The AE2000-100 appears to be a clone or rebadged version of the Commodore A2065 and so should be able to use the same drivers.

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