connects to: CPU Socket
25Mhz PGA XC68040
33Mhz PGA XC68040
Voltage: 5V
Data Bus: 32bit
Address Bus: 32bit
Cache: 4k instruction cache
4k data cache
MMU: Yes
FPU: Yes
Transistors: 1,170,000

Available in Mhz

This has been used as the base processor in several Amigas and on several accelerator cards. The MC version is a later revision of the 040 which is more tolerant to heat and overclocking than the XC version. Unlike other processors in the 68000 series, the 68040 actually halves the clock speed it receives. For example, a 25Mhz 040 requires a 50Mhz clock and a 40Mhz 040 requires an 80Mhz clock.

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