connects to: CPU Socket
8Mhz DIP Component
12Mhz DIP Component
10Mhz PGA Component
12Mhz PGA Component.
68010 upgrade with installation & tools
Voltage: 5V (other versions may have been made to support different voltages)
Data Bus: 16bit
Address Bus: 24bit
Cache: 3 byte instruction cache
MMU: None
FPU: None
Transistors: 84,000

Available in Mhz

This processor has never been used as the base processor in any Amiga's, however it has been used on several accelerator cards. Because this processor is pin for pin compatible with the original MC68000, it was often used to replace the MC68000 on the motherboard for a slight increase in speed of around 15%. The primary differences between the MC68000 and the MC68010 is that it has a 3 byte instruction cache, has a few additional instructions and is able to support virtual memory if an MC68851 is installed.

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