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A DIP 5719 Gary
A PLCC 4393 Fat Gary

The Gary chip provides bus traffic control signals for the A500/A600/A2000 address and data bus.  It was a consolidation of a large amount of descrete 74-series components and PALs on the A1000.  The original GARY chip in the earlier Rev 4.x series shipment of the A2000 may have been the initially outsoured component from Toshiba.  C= Field Service Bulletins suggest replacing it with the now-common MOS-made version.

The Fat Gary in the A3000D/T & A4000D/T is a PLCC chip, and does similar duties in those machines.

Name Part Number Used In
Gary (5718) 318072-01 A2000
Gary (5719) 318072-01 A500, A500+
Fat Gary 41 (4393) 390540-02 A3000, A4000
Fat Gary 41 (4791) 390540-02 A3000
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