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A Pair of Kickstart 3.1 ROMS
Single ROM version of Kickstart 3.1
A Pair of Kickstart 3.0 ROMS
Kickstart 1.3 ROM
A Pair of Kickstart 1.4 ROMs. The special A3000 boot roms
MOS Kickstart 1.2
Hi Res version, MOS Kickstart 1.2
- 2760 x 1848, 1,307K

The Kickstart chips are responsible for holding the core of the Amiga operating system, what you probably could loosely consider as the kernel. Depending on the machine you have the Kickstart is either held as 1 x 512K ROM or 2 x 256K ROMs. Some models of Amiga also accept a disk based version of Kickstart such as the A1000 and some A3000s.


Kickstart Version Used In
1.4 (?????) A3000
2.04 (V37.175) A2000, A3000
2.05 (37.299) A600
2.05 (37.300) A600
2.05 (37.350) A600HD
3.0 (39.105) A4000
3.0 (39.106) A1200, A4000
3.0 (39.405) A4000
3.1 (40.68) A500*, A600*, A2000*, A1200, A4000 (*=as an upgrade)
3.1 (40.70) A4000T
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