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A DIP 8362-R6 Denise
A DIP 8362-R8 Denise
A DIP 8362-R8 Denise
A DIP 8373-R4 (Super) Denise
Hi Res version,
- 4287 x 1756, 959K

The Denise is responsible for handling most of the graphics related tasks, including the native screens and support for up to eight hardware sprites. It supports up to 32 colours per screen from a palette of 4096, or 4096 colours on screen in HAM-6 mode. Some versions of Denise (usually those in the ECS chipset) also support EHB mode (extra half-brite) which is up to 64 colours on screen, however the second 32 colours MUST be half the brightness of the first 32. Denise is the ECS & OCS chipset equivalent of Lisa, found in the AGA chipset.


Chip Name Chip Number Part Number Used In
Denise (OCS) 8362 R5   A1000, No EHB*
Denise (OCS) 8362 R6 252126-01 A1000, supports EHB
Denise (OCS) 8362 R8 252126-02 A500/1000/2000/CDTV
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 390433-02 A500+, A2000, A3000
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 391061-01 A600
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 391081-01 A600

* No Extra Half Bright mode in only this version. Also, some 8362 R5 chips (in developer/demo machines only), the HAM mode may not have been tested.

The Super-Denise may only be paired with the 8372/8375-series of ECS Agnus chips.  They will not work with the OCS 8370/8371 or the earlier DIP Agnus chips.

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